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Welcome to Surigao!

Whether it’s your first time or you are a frequent traveller, you need the right information to do
your business or complete your vacation in Surigao. At Tavern we are glad to provide you the
information you want and need.

We have guest service assistants (GSAs) that are founts of local information like sights to see and
visit, things to do in our city, best places to eat and night attractions to spice up your evenings.

Our Travel and Tours Officer can also assist you in booking airline, boat and bus tickets, all for a minimum fee,
making it easier for you to arrange your travel. If you need to drive or hire a car or boat,
you can also get the best rates through us.

Our official Tour Guide can bring you around the city or fix your itinerary if you are headed to
Siargao or Sohoton. We also have nearby islands you can visit and some great scuba diving.

The hotel compound is also home to the local chamber of commerce, as well as the region’s top
official government agency, Mindanao Development Authority. These offices can provide you
specific, accurate and truthful investment data that you may require.

Right here at Hotel Tavern, your pleasure is our business. Enjoy your stay.

Jake Miranda

P.S. Call or text me at +639228496442 if you need anything else.

jake miranda surigao
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